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  • I was so proud of my team today http://goo.gl/aMZ45 Fabulous sharing of how to foster home school partnerships.

  • Bring your own device to school. On - or off? http://bit.ly/iIRK5z

  • Have a look at our macro photos. The children had to find things that "held our school together"

  • Wondering why I can't make Home School Partnership Group a favourite :-(

  • At Muriwai School today and enjoying working with the tekkie children around digital citizenship..creating powerpoints are awesome

  • Some great comments coming through in the Home School Partnership group on connecting with whānau...

  • The Staff at Hira School are getting professional development abou the use of VLN's.

  • Can anyone share any agreements on home use of school iPads. Some sort of protocol for their use outside of school time.

  • Thanks for Allanah's cybersafety site. I'm going to link it to the school website for a start!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61q5Q4SIbcI Some tips for school... one being... don't watch videos in class. Oh lunch just flies by. Enjoy