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  • National Goal 4 - Participation of Family and Whanau


  • Stoke School

    Follow the link to a draft version of Stoke School's ICT Strategic Plan. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Sg32S93DUjb_7kwDWR2I8DyDsM4yhmgzEmveTNjxE1g/edit?hl=en&pli=1#

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  • Still an opportunity to join the LIVE seminar on the draft eLearning Planning Framework 3.30pm today. http://bit.ly/sL3DkI

  • Our first 3D online art gallery is almost live. Check it out at http://www.passionfruitmagazine.co.nz/galleries.php Thanks to exhibbit.com/

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  • Virtual Field Trips

    ...ork through 2D text-based websites. Although truly free-form interactive 3D environments are still in the...volutionize the depth of experience one can now share through imaginative 3D environments.

  • Science Fiction and the Facts

    ...ystery to understand why we have them today and although it was only an artistic vision at the time generations to come took the ball and ran with. 3D Virtual Field Trips even...

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  • Digital Creation

    Digital Creation

    Digital creation is new to a lot of us.  3D Printing, Coding, Electronics, Robotics, Augmented Reality...   I've created this group to focus on the resources, hardware and websit...

  • 3D in eLearning

    3D in eLearning

    Dedicated to all things 3D in eLearning. Questions and threads are invited that relate to the use of 3D and AR in eLearning environments and future technologies.

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  • 3D gaming and virtual reality

    Tags: 3d, gaming, virtual, reality, learning, deep, rich, experiences, computer-generated, collaborative, problem solving, digital, technologies,

  • 3D building blocks

    This is a 3D environment for building shapes with cubic blocks. Useful for teaching the relationship between length, area and volume, or for helping students to build spacial awareness and develop understanding of volume and prisms. Also just fun. Great for interactive whiteboard or wireless tabl...

    Tags: 3D, volume, cube, cuboid, measurement, geometry, prism, IWB

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