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  • Still an opportunity to join the LIVE seminar on the draft eLearning Planning Framework 3.30pm today. http://bit.ly/sL3DkI

  • Our first 3D online art gallery is almost live. Check it out at http://www.passionfruitmagazine.co.nz/galleries.php Thanks to exhibbit.com/

  • On the "Joy of Science" this week 3D printing puts the imagined in you hand. Consider the implications of making whatever you wanted?

  • yet another poorly written article on BYOD implementation in schools - Nelson School makes electronic compulsory http://tinyurl.com/73d2r3a

  • Hi Monika, VLN search results: http://bit.ly/VuwvoP Some numeracy/literacy links compiled here: http://bit.ly/UB3DMi Any classroom ideas?

  • Find out more about the Connected Learning Advisory - Te Ara Whītiki by joining the VLN group http://bit.ly/1C3D4Ed

  • What do secondary school students, robotics, coding and 3D printers have in common? Come and find out this Thursday! http://bit.ly/2rFZUkg

  • About to start our live webinar on robotics, coding and 3D printers, you're most welcome to join us http://connect.vln.school.nz/eelwebinar/

  • Got a date for the 3D gaming and virtual reality webinar with secondary students @ Pakuranga 20th Sept http://bit.ly/2xtHh5b Register...

  • 3D gaming and virtual reality, how do these offer content-rich experiences for our students? Webinar 20 Sept, join us http://bit.ly/2xtHh5b