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  • Kiwi Kids News

    Kiwi Kids News

    ...The quiz can be taken online or on paper and includes 10 questions about current events from the previous week. Schools that sign up will also get a 30 question Term Quiz and a 60 q...

  • English Language unit standards assessment group

    English Language unit standards assessment group

    This group has been set up to discuss and share experiences and resources preparing for the transition to EL unit standards assessment. If you wish to join this gr...

  • Tolaga Bay Area School

    Tolaga Bay Area School

  • Otago LwDT Schools

    Otago LwDT Schools

    Vision: Develop creative, collaborative, empowered, and adaptable digital citizens. Purpose:   foster collaboration and sharing of practice across sch...

  • Marlborough LwDT Cluster

    Marlborough LwDT Cluster

    This group is for the schools in the Marlborough Cluster that are on the LwDT PLD contract in 2015.     Mayfield         Seddon           Rapaura         Riverlands     Tua Marina     Ward                  

  • TV in the classroom - what size and type.

    TV in the classroom - what size and type.

    It's been very helpful seeing various VLN groups about TVs in the classroom.  We are about to purchase television screens for our classrooms - what sizes have worked...

  • IT Academy pilot

    IT Academy pilot

    Group for schools involved in the Ministry of Education pilot of the "Microsoft IT Academy" digital technology skills training and certification programme....



    Ki a koe tētahi kīwai, ki a au tētahi kīwai. The VLN page of the Community of Colleagues inquiring into the states of engagement within and across our comunities....

  • Growth Mindset in maths at primary school

    Growth Mindset in maths at primary school

    We are planning a Teacher as Inquiry into How does growth mindset impact on student outcomes in maths in a year 3 & 4 class? We are a high decile school and feel...

  • Student Blogging   / Apps

    Student Blogging / Apps

    Does anyone know if KidBlog is iPad friendly?  Also wanting to know what are the best apps out there for (a) Te Reo Maori,  (b) Maths Many thanks