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  • Innes Kennard

    About me: ...yment out of coffee, cats, crayfish and computing.  I started with clearning, went to d and now am wor...the programme and in particular the creative opportunities of this 21st century learning device. I am also the NZ age...

  • Leigh Hynes

    Interests: 21st century learning

  • Sue Parkes

    About me: ...eted a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (e-Learning and Digital Technologies...c and contextualised curricula to students, 21st Century learning and blended online learning p...jointly published a paper on blended online learning. We presented a workshop and...Interests: 21st century learning

  • Nicky Ryan

    About me: ...xpected to teach our students to have this disposition, yet are our teachers really aware of what this might entail. My other interest in 21st century learning is connected with community a...

  • Rona

    Interests: 21st Century Learning

  • M-A Barnett

    About me: I work for the Ministry of Education as a principal adviser in learning technologies.  Part of my role is to support the 21st Century Learning Reference Group with the development of a Learning with Digital Technologies strategy.    

  • Andrew Auimatagi

    Brief description: Areas of focus - Physical Education and Health, 21st century learning approaches

  • Ellie Mackwood

    About me: Helping students to navigate their way through 21st Century Learning.  

  • Philippa Nicoll Antipas

    About me: Advisor with the Connected Learning Advisory. Passionate about offering 21st century education to our 21st century learning. Future-focused pedagogies, design thinking and professional learning are all of huge interest to me. Former Future Learning Leader and HOD English.