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Results for "2012"


  • Jim Sporleder

    About me: ...dent disicpline.  The results after just one year has shown an 85% reduction in out of school suspensions.  600 office referrals down to 320.  2011-2012 our enrollment has grown by 3...

  • Katie Sullivan

    Website: www.totara2012.weebly.com

  • Joy Kitt

    About me: In 2012 I was a science facilitator for Te Toi Tupu.  I am back in my own classroom and developing science learning opportunities with my class and the rest of the staf...

  • Catriona Pene

    About me: Mid 2012 I left a Year 3 digital classroom, where I was teaching using macbooks, ipads and ipods, to take up a position as eLearning Facilitator online and in schools....

  • Johanna Chambers

    Website: www.pinehill19.blogspot.com; www.2012pinehill19.wikispaces.com

  • Pat Lewis

    About me: ...ol, also the numeracy lead teacher and SENCO. I was a member of the Southern Central Divide Blended Learning Project for 3 years, which finished in 2012.  My focus for this year is t...

  • Michelle Robison

    About me: ...orked in a number of different schools in Australia. I also working as an ICT and Library services consultant for the Catholic Education OfFice. In 2012 I moved to Wellington with my...

  • Roxy Hickman

    About me: ...ays keen to explore new and inclusive ways to implement them. Usually you will find me behind a camera capturing those 'golden moments'. In 2012 I participated in the Nationa...

  • Kinloch jones

    About me: ...hing Year Eight at Hereworth in Havelock North Hawkes Bay. Curriculum team leader of Health and Science. Received a Royal Society Fellowship PSTF 2012. Enjoys growing gorgeous gar...

  • Richelle Schaper

    About me: I completed my Bachelor of Education (Early childhood education) at the end of 2012.  My children have been enrolled in the bilingual unit and due my my passion to learn alongside my children I have managed to secure myself a position within the unit.