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  • Keen to set up outstanding personalised learning and flexible learning environment for 2012. Any hints or tips??

  • Building websites for teacher use ready for 2012: check them out! www.literacylogic.com and www.atcoam.com

  • All the 'e' goodness from the community>>Enabling e-Learning Round-Up | 24 January 2012 | http://bit.ly/wre0tT

  • Learning @ Schools conference 2012.....Breakout 2: Mentoring Digital Learners

  • What e-learning action happened in the community this week? > e-Learning Round-Up | 1 February 2012 bit.ly/z7yRta. Add to a thread...

  • I am enroled in the NAPP Programme for 2012. and am currently AP at Brooklyn School, Wellington.

  • Kia ora. I am a member of NAPP 2012 Auckland Central 1.

  • Getting into discussions with the NAPP 2012 cohort

  • I am part of the 2012 NAPP group.

  • finding ten trends for 2012 from core education http://blog.core-ed.org/blog/2012/05/ten-trends-2012-data-engagement.html