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  • Starting Year 9/10 Quadblogging Group. Anyone know any classes? /groups/profile/806819/quadblogging-aotearoa

  • Progress in education: Is it about developing competitive and open education markets? Or something way more complex? http://bit.ly/19OoaV1

  • Where's the korero? Take a look in the Enabling e-Learning Forums @ http://bit.ly/1dF2M6d @ http://bit.ly/13K4vlo and http://bit.ly/19gWVii

  • Nervous when you speak in public? Or give presentations? This vid explains why & how to beat it (grt for sts too): http://ning.it/19iXdoE

  • Video: Collaborating by Design: Encouraging learners to engage, with eLearning http://bit.ly/19nwF5D

  • Emily Keenan wants to hear stories of how people are using GAFE in Junior classrooms. http://bit.ly/19VC1mR Is this you?

  • Could our students be losing their cultural identity in the pursuit of using technologies? http://bit.ly/19TC6vA

  • Congratulations to those who made the 20 Winning Films in The Outlook for Someday 2013.You can view these here: http://bit.ly/192be9e

  • N4LChats “Let’s Talk Portal” | Webinar from N4L on the portal - Thursday 19th Dec > http://bit.ly/1dLxibx

  • N4L webinar on the portal on now in Google Hangouts > http://bit.ly/19dLDjB