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  • Road safety... internet safety, can't Skype through the storm :( Sorry @kokachrissy

  • Ups and downs, ebb and flow, emotional arc - http://curriculumintegrationproject.blogspot.co.nz/2012/04/downs-and-ups.html

  • PLG 1 with our Auckland akonga. The journey has began.

  • New Literacy requirements for Auckland Uni-who will be excluded?: http://ning.it/19ZUo0i

  • what the students think - the ipad mini road test - /discussion/view/749344?orderby=latest

  • Great event for Auckland teachers or those willing to travel on a Wed evening http://emergingleaders.school.nz/ignite-evening/

  • Building mobile apps unconference in Auckland, Nov 16-17. http://devmob.co.nz Would love to see kids there: internships, learning, demos.

  • Hi All. Haven't been on this site for ages, but now is a good time. Our cluster group of principals (8) are keen to visit Auckland Schools that are working in MLE's with a focus on Team Teaching and

  • EduCamp Auckland (+ details of other regional EduCamps) #EduCampAKL @FionaGrant #VPLD #ethosnz http://ning.it/11WBcgO

  • Massey Primary in Auckland is the first to connect to the Network for Learning today > http://bit.ly/1elHqZ2