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  • Reflective Summary: Milestone 3 2011

    ...ct. Cluster type: We are an ICT cluster. Context: We are a cluster of 10 full primary and contributin...p;   Intentions – why we did this: The cluster review of 2010 revealed that the majority o...

  • Implementation Programme

    Implementation Programme Find the link to our implementation programme - we are using this to keep us on track and for setting future project timelines.

  • Links to Cluster Online Resources

    Cluster Wiki Cluster collaborative literacy wiki Phil Salmon's E-Learning Resources Site Cluster Matariki resources site  

  • IPads at Mamaku School

    With the introduction of a pod of iPads (6, first generation, 16gb wireless units) to Mamaku School New Entrant students were thrilled to have their first 'play'. It is p...

  • Sacred Heart Timaru

     Sacred Heart teachers' evidence for Milestone 6. Teaching as Inquiry Focus: How can we use ICT tools, strategies and thinking in our teaching and learning to improve student achievement in writing?   Sacred Heart ICT Strategic Plan 2011 - 2012

  • Green Eggs and Ham

    Room 6 is a class of Year 1 and 2 children.Yesterday we went to the library. I took the iPad pod of 5 iPads.I wanted to read a book to the class and choose the Dr Seuss book "Gr...

  • Maths Level 1 Resources

    The idea of this page is for teachers to share resources that that they have found or created that are particularly relevant to the nature of the new level 1 standards in mathematics.

  • Cluster Milestone 3 Reflections

    "Making the Most of a Bad Situation" Aim: Meeting the needs of family and whanau through e-learning opportunities during a time of crisis, the 22 Feb Canter...

  • Widged in spreadsheet

      Testing the integration of widgeds - http://widgeds.wikispaces.com/. As it is not defined as a google gadget, it only shows when signed in google docs. Turning it into an official gadget should solve that problem.  

  • Registering and Logging in

    Much of the site is open to the public, but to participate, you need to register an account. There are TWO ways to register: 1. Use Google: this will create an account associated...