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  • Manaiakalani


    ...ogical framework to deliver the curriculum to the students from Year 1-13. The students are being offered the opportunity to own personal netbook devices and wireless internet access...

  • Mobile devices for learning

    Mobile devices for learning

    This is a group to share resources and ideas about how people are using mobile devices in their classrooms. Group icon image by @teachernz. Used under creative commons license.

  • Androids in the Classroom

    Androids in the Classroom

    A group for those who are using Android devices in the classroom.

  • Cobham Intermediate

    Cobham Intermediate

    ...check out this site and find other groups to join by clicking on the Groups link above.  BYOD. Explore the world of students bringing their own devices on resources, links and conve...

  • Let's Kōrero!

    Let's Kōrero!

    Supporting teams who use communication devices in schools with their students.

  • TV in the classroom - what size and type.

    TV in the classroom - what size and type.

    ...- does that mean we need Smart TV?  Is it an "either-or" situation?   We definitely want to have full access to film etc via our class devices - chromebooks, ipads, smartph...

  • Parenting Tips with Mobile Devices

    Parenting Tips with Mobile Devices

    I am working on putting together a parenting tips sheet for parents with children with mobile devices.  I am keen to hear others thoughts and suggestions.  What to add, remove, change...

  • Literacy Explorations with Poetry.

    Literacy Explorations with Poetry.

    Taking the unknowns of poetry, the fun, the quick ways to explore literary devices, and discover voice and passion in your writing. Tips and resources from a teacher who writes poetry...