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  • @mrshyde outdated android OS, also its only 802.11b/g, need to look at devices that have 802.11n as well

  • Is anyone using android devices with students?

  • Applied ESOL (that's me): Ubiquity is playing Smurf's Village on three devices at once...

  • This is what the internet looks like: 460 million internet connected devices, mapped. pic.twitter.com/82vKPulF82

  • thinking about clickview on students devices, need to investigate if there is a web portal for internal videos

  • How are schools using mobile learning devices? http://bit.ly/Y8O1TM #vln #eTechs

  • To the best of my knowledge, apple tv only mirrors one device at a time. Reflector app is an alternative that mirrors multiple devices.

  • What's missing in this picture: Attitudinal data about the use of #mobile devices in schools http://bit.ly/1c4Mj7r

  • Check out the new section, Learning with 1:1 digital devices just up on Enabling e-Learning http://bit.ly/1oX6Wwe

  • Check out new Enabling e-Learning resources on 1:1 digital devices or BYOD. /discussion/view/874703?orderby=latest