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  • Does he get a free iPad?;-) It's testimony to how an online space can really serve a need - and here in the VLN, also link to others, too:-)

  • Found some interesting BYOD reading here

  • I'll tell you what would make me happy- if I could save a bookmark to two groups with one click- eg BYOD and iPad groups.

  • Yay, I have finally completed the BYOD survey, though I am surprised at the results, see my thread for more information

  • iPad group /groups/profile/26613/ipadipod-user-group is soon 2 reach 500 members. I wonder if there'll be a prize?

  • Yeap- I'm happy to provide a prize. Yeap. OK. The 500th joiner of the iPad group will receive a prize! I wonder what it might be???

  • Woohoo! Well done Allanah and your iPad group. Great stuff!

  • The BYOD group that Derek started. I had been a member of it in the past. Not sure why I suddenly wasn't.

  • I would like to use a Remote Desktop app to use my PC screen on my iPad. Any suggestions of an inexpensive but good one?

  • Looking for a BYOD framework to incorporate into our Cybersafety policy.