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  • iPad mini - what do you think? /discussion/add/53310

  • The iPad Bookmarket had ceased to work/been changed so previous bookmarks by me didn't go to the group. :-(

  • The Enabling eLearning Group and the iPad group both have 620 member. Who will be the tie breaker??? LOL

  • Woah ipad group caught up EeL was ahead by one yesterday!

  • Wondering why recently added bookmarks aren't showing up in the iPad group! Mmmm!

  • Can you save work that you have done in popplet onto your iPad so that another child can use the app?

  • yet another poorly written article on BYOD implementation in schools - Nelson School makes electronic compulsory http://tinyurl.com/73d2r3a

  • hmmm, just did a search for "BYOD" on edgazette.govt.nz site and there are no results...

  • I should have gotten the stats on our BYOD implementation on Friday, I feel Mondays going to go way to quick

  • Sadly no but I am sending him an iPad-y type present to congratulate him. Setting a precedent for the eLearning group. ;-)