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  • Monika Kern

    About me: ...r justice in education and in society? How can gamification increase student engagement and achievement? These are just some of my ongoing questions... ...

  • Fiona Smythe

    About me: ...grant students (including one Russian!).  We teach a strong academic programme in ESOL - L3 ESOL for UE, L2 English for UE, L1 English for literacy ... with a focus on opening doorw...

  • Eric Martini

    Brief description: If I don't know the answer...... I'll find it!

  • Ray Burkhill

    Brief description: DP at Linwood College, Christchurch...on study leave and working towards a PGDip e-learning at UC

  • Jamie Robinson

    Interests: Yep...... Everything Pretty Much

  • Carolyn

    About me: I am a year 2 teacher at Allenton School in Ashburton.  My passion is ICT in the classroom.  I am the curriculum leader in our school... although I am new to this... so I have no idea! :-) Collaboration is a key aspect of my teaching.  I enjoy sharing and learning with other teachers.

  • Johanna Chambers

    Interests: Cycling and surfing... the net!

  • lizbeattie

    Interests: fishing.....

  • Ihipera Whakataka

    About me: http://tamanuhiri.iwi.nz Ko ngā pari e mā mai rā.... Te Kuri o Paoa tēnāInterests: ".... take time to feel the magic ..." Kairaranga

  • Shirley

    About me: ...ond Road and now Devonport. As you can see I have had quite a varied experience over the years and enjoyed each. In my spare time, I play golf...not well...but I love the country air and...