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  • LCO Handbook

    LCO Handbook

    This group will contain the new LCO Handbook which is currently in development. It will be available soon .... This handbook was started in 2002 as a guide for rural secondary scho...

  • E-Central New Entrant

    E-Central New Entrant

    ICT cluster banding together to leap tall piles of "stuff" in a single bound.  Up up and away...

  • Genius Cafe National

    Genius Cafe National

    This is the genius cafe group on the VLN... The 'Genius Cafe' is an initiative started by the Whakatu Schools eLearning Cluster. It is an evolving learning opportunity based on the premise that; '... none of us is as smart as all of us...' (thanks Sir Ken Robinson)

  • 4C the Future Cluster

    4C the Future Cluster

    ...up of the following 4 primary schools: St Martins Full Primary School ...... situated in St Martins Avonh...ry School ...........situated in Russley Riccarton Full Primary School ........situated in Riccarton

  • Enabling e-Learning

    Enabling e-Learning

    ...s    |     Teaching  | Professional Learning  |     Beyond the Classroom |   Using the e-Learning Planning Frameworks And you can find us on here... Take me to Enabling e-Lear...

  • Kairanga Kids

    Kairanga Kids

    Enthusiastic chat about how to be a Kairanga Kid ...

  • Chisnallwood Intermediate School

    Chisnallwood Intermediate School

    ...cussions Area for some great starter material for our dialogue and debate Please use the Group blog to post a comment, ask a question, share ideas ...

  • BeL@Irongate School

    BeL@Irongate School

    Welcome to your Blended eLearning VLN site. This is a site for sharing and conversing around your Blended eLearning PLD. Please add resources, links, discussion threads ... basically make it your own to suit your purposes. I am online if you need support :)  Tash

  • Soutbrook School

    Soutbrook School

    Hello Southbrook Staff! Only one click away from scoring 5 points! (Unless you still have to join 2 other groups... then there might be a few more clicks...)

  • eFellows


    A space for the CORE efellows to network, share and collaborate. The eFellows group also has a wiki at: http://coreefellows.wikispaces.com/, where you can find out more about the individual Fellows... Twitter hashtag #efellows