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  • @karenmelhuish i'm intending on going but waiting to hear about the efellowship - as usual i'll be saving my $$$ in order to pay ...

  • ...but you need Wire notifications to sync with other tools e.g. email so you don't need to login to view the conversation

  • Here's a challenge...who will be the first person to add #1 TOP SAFETY TIP for Safer Internet Day? http://bit.ly/1ESUmFY

  • @ross.alexander It could act like a list on Twitter, where you set up a list of people to follow on a particular topic...

  • Hi all, am playing around with the usability of this community space...in a world of Twitter, do we also need the Wire?

  • @ross.alexander "Does this out-twitter Twitter?" ...suspect not

  • @ross.alexander @karenmelhuish Added wire RSS to my aggregator so didin't have to login so little action I thought the feed was dead ...lol

  • Note that the term dates for 2011 have been altered from previous years. Terms 1 & 2 longer; Term 4 shorter... http://bit.ly/fPb5mk

  • Checking out the VLN. Finding my way around and making Friends.......

  • Latest update from Pete Sommerville, Project Director, LEARNZ... The LEARNZ Canterbury Earthquake virtual field trip website is available for all New Zealand