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  • Ten Trend: Social mapping

    What’s this trend all about? Maps have come a long way from flat, printed presentations using manual calculations, to precise data-driven, virtual experiences like we see in platforms like Google Maps. Now we see this data from maps and our own stories coming together to create a sense o...

    Tags: social, mapping, stories, cultural, narrative

  • Reimagining success: Is it fake or real?

    It’s encouraging to see the number of breakout sessions (among others on offer) in uLearn20 (virtual conference) this year pertaining to; identity, wellbeing, resilience, empathy in STEAM, movement for racial justice. This is a complex and changing world we live in, one where dystopia and d...

    Tags: social, conspiracy, media, truth, fact, fiction, fake, news, reimagining, learning, success, uLearn20

  • Using digital technologies and social media for good

    Tags: social, media, technology, online, behaviours, good, education, awareness

  • Dealing with negative social media

    Tags: social, media, negative, footage, live, streaming, support, young, people