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  • Money Week.

    Tags: money, financial literacy, maths, money week,

  • Financial Capability

    Financial Capability

    NZC on-line resources for Year 1 - 10 Teachers with an explicit focus on Financial Capability. An intial face-to-face workshop will provide an opportunity for school leadership teams and/or teachers to be introduced to the Ministry of Education on-line Financial Capability resources. Following th...

    Tags: Financial capability, financial literacy, Year 1 - 10 teachers, NZC online resources, financial capability progressions, financial, money

  • Innovation and Financial Capability

    "…innovation floats on a sea of inquiry and curiosity is a driver for change." Timperley, Kaser & Halbert Upper Harbour Sorted Schools Learning Community Background: A group of nine schools and a tertiary institution collaborated to embed Financial Capability&...

    Tags: financial capability, money, innovation, enterprise, collaborative

  • Money week 13 Oct - 19 Oct !

    Tags: Money, Maths, Numeracy, financial capability