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  • Baradene/St Peters College  ICT PD Cluster

    Baradene/St Peters College ICT PD Cluster

    The teachers of Baradene College and St. Peter's College have combined forces to ensure their students are able to access and incorporate ICT in as many of their educational experiences as possible. The teachers at these schools are responsible for bringing these resources, ideas and innovations ...

    Tags: auckland, catholic, boys, girls, ict pd cluster, baradene, st. peter's, secondary, st peters

  • “Boys as Successful Writers”

    Level: Year 7 Maori Boys at Paeroa Central School Context: Written and oral language - writing and presenting their stories as sound bites at the NGA IWI FM radio station in Paeroa. Intentions and links to classroom practice: The literacy intervention programme (through the MOE) is designed fo...

    Tags: maori, literacy, writing, boys, reflective summary,

  • Boys in schools

    Something we probably already know but needed to remind us!

    Tags: boys, gaming, education