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  • Southern Central Divide: Milestone 3 Reflection

    Tags: scd, blended, ictpd, Cluster, regional

  • BeL @ Flaxmere School

    BeL @ Flaxmere School

    This is a space for resources/links/conversations in relation to the Blended eLearning project at Flaxmere School Hastings.

    Tags: bel, blended, flaxmere, primary, school, hastings, elearning

  • An excellent youtube on blended learning by Paul Andersen

    Found this new Blended Learning Video because I subscribe to the Bozeman channel which Paul Anderson creates, as a teacher of sciences and biology in particular. In my opinion the video is very good because it ties in blended learning with the inquiry model of learning.  It does not matter ...

    Tags: blended, Bozeman, Paul Andersen

  • FORUM: Online Learning – Benefits for students

    In this forum, we talk to teachers and students and find out how utilising online courses can support timetable flexibility, personalisation of learning and extend learning opportunities for students.

    Tags: online, learning, personalised, blended, benefits, students

  • BeL@Irongate School

    BeL@Irongate School

    Welcome to your Blended eLearning VLN site. This is a site for sharing and conversing around your Blended eLearning PLD. Please add resources, links, discussion threads ... basically make it your own to suit your purposes. I am online if you need support :)  Tash

    Tags: Blended, eLearning