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  • Site re-design and NZ-wide launch

    The Maths & Stats ICT Network has had a makeover! It has been rebranded as the Maths & Statistics ICT Community. While I like the mathematical connotation of the term "Network", I think that "community" is more appropriate for our group. Communities share together, make mistakes...

    Tags: maths, NZAMT, logo, ICT, rebrand, launch, community

  • BYOD ideas - NZAMT-13 Conference forum

    Ideas shared during the BYOD forum at the NZAMT-13 Conference, Friday 4th October 2013. Add your own suggestions in the comments below, and tell us about your experiences with the tools already listed. Scanning apps: CamScan/ScanCam, JotNot, Genius uBoard or Mimeo: portable interactive whiteb...

    Tags: BYOD, NZAMT, apps, browser apps, iPad, Android, tablet, BYOT, e-learning

  • ICT Workshop at the NZAMT-13 Conference

    Tags: NZAMT, workshop, presentation, Prezi, Maths, links, resources