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  • Added to the Digital Technologies Presentation

    Hi all. At the CS4PS, with CS unplugged, python and other ideas. Added to the Coding section some more just released activities for Scratch and Python.    

    Tags: digital technologies, technology, curriculum, learning, elearning, computational thinking, pedagodgy, robots

  • William Hamilton

    I am a technologist with a strong interest in education and educating.  My background includes teaching at the tertiary level along with private organisation training and development.  I enjoy seeing that "aha!" moment when the light-bulb switches on and understanding happens. More r...

    Skills: ICT, eLearning, strategy, Scratch, coding, electronics, engineering, computational thinking

  • Digital Technologies ​in the NZ Curriculum

    I came across this site (http://nzdigitalcurriculum.weebly.com/) with a lot of information and resources. Hope this is helpful.   

    Tags: DigitalTechnologies, Computer Science, Coding, Algorithms, Data Representation, Computational Thinking, Programming​​

  • Computational thinking for digital technologies exemplars

    Exemplars that illustrate the teaching and learning for CT progress outcomes (levels 1–5) which describe the significant learning steps that students take as they develop their expertise in computational thinking for digital technologies. Have fun! 

    Tags: Digital Technologies, Computational Thinking