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  • What's meaningful about meaningful learning?

    I'm an analytical thinker so when I hear catch phrases such as 'personalising learning' or 'engagement' my brain begins the process of analysing the language, considering its colloquial and professional contexts, and wondering how it will be interpreted (and misinterpreted) by those on the receiv...

    Tags: meaningful learning, knowledge, authentic, real, making a difference

  • Leading The Authentic Learning

    Leading The Authentic Learning

    Fellow leaders of learning (yes all of you) Join our discussions and share your practical ideas for authentic learning contexts that focus on hands-on leadership utilizing real-life meaningful and purposeful experiences.

    Tags: Leadership, learning, best evidence synthesis, BES, authentic, context, student centred, practical ideas

  • What does authentic learning look like in your school?

    Tags: authentic, learning, contexts, enabling, learners, reflections

  • Authentic contexts

    I might be a bit late to this party, but really enjoying the authentic integration of the Technology strands and Digital Technology learning areas (CT and DDDO) in these lesson sequences from Digital Ignition | Māpura Matihiko. For example, Think like a Tech Creator for Year 8's walks teac...

    Tags: authentic, contexts, digital, technologies

  • Enabling e-Learning forum | Authentic Curriculum in action

    Tags: authentic, curriculum, integrated, thinking, localised, student-centred, agency, ownership, real world, problem-based

  • FORUM: Project-Based Learning

    We profile some more exciting resources and practical examples of project based learning with key themes around; solving real world problems, collaborative communities examples of financial capability, enterprise and PREP.

    Tags: prep, enterprise, problem, based, learning, authentic, resources, ideas, examples

  • INTERVIEW WITH A GURU: Sujata Rajagopal, An integrated investigation: Science at Taita College

    Recently, the Education Gazette Tukutuku Kōrero published an article, An integrated investigation: Science at Taita College. In this Interview with a guru, Sujata Rajagopal (HOD science, Taita College) talks about how an integrated scientific inquiry into hangi and umu (cooking food) has naturall...

    Tags: senior, integration, science, interview, guru, secondary, authentic, culturally, responsive, science, maths, music, technology