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  • Simon Evans

    About me: ...I want to use our conversation, our groups and our collective knowledge to better my own understanding of the future of education and how we can address the issues of today.  What I...

  • Christie Stephenson

    About me: I am interested in Psychology, If you have any useful or interesting information on the topic of Psychology please contact me on my email address, thankyou (:

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  • B. I. S

    ...rk by keeping your password to yourself; never use someone else’s logon name or password. Always get permission before revealing your home address, telephone number, school nam...

  • Stoke

    ...tware. I will ask my teacher’s permission before I put any personal information online. Personal information includes: Name Address Email address Phone numbers Photos. &n...

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  • Listening to Ed Minister address to iwi leaders http://youtu.be/E4EoOBw0MWk "move beyond talk...to action"

  • Watch the Network for Learning address by Howard Baldwin today live from Orewa College on eTV. More information http://bit.ly/KGp7wS

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  • WEBINAR: NZQA assessment online

    NZQA is working towards moving external student assessment to the online environment. Steve Bargh (NZQA) will be the lead presenter in this webinar and staff from the Ministry of Education will be available to address further questions from schools.



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  • Learner Needs

    ...have access to. Supporting Resources Addressing Learner Needs: An Example...ry program seemed like a natural extension to address these needs. Rachel Roberts,...there are a variety of ways that the VLN has addressed the learner needs for both...

  • Pedagogy

    ...nd which approach to adopt under each set of circumstances. This should allow members to develop and explore teaching and learning practices that address learner needs, and will devel...

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  • NAPP 2013 Mid-Canterbury-Otago-Southland

    NAPP 2013 Mid-Canterbury-Otago-Southland

    ...uiry question? the methods you used to lead others in a cycle of change –What learning experiences did you and your team design and engage in to address your inquiry question? the o...

  • English Language unit standards assessment group

    English Language unit standards assessment group

    ...to EL unit standards assessment. If you wish to join this group you must complete your VLN profile be subscribed using s school email address Follow the links below t...