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  • Chrissie Butler

    I'm a Wellington-based member of the CORE Education whānau, and also a facilitator in the Blended e-Learning team with Te Toi Tupu. Currently my primary roles are:   National Facilitator Blended e-Learning/Special Education. Central South Regional Blended e-Learning team working directly wit...

    Skills: universal design for learning (udl), digital literacy, accessibility, online communities, curriculum design, facilitation, special education, change management

  • Universal Design for Learning

    Universal Design for Learning

    Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a tool to help us design to include from the outset. It's guidelines prompt us to consider what will enable rather than dis-able learners in the way we teach and organise learning. When you look at the guidelines, you'll see somethings you do already, bu...

    Tags: all learners, accessibility, universal design for learning, udl, curriculum design, curriculum, diverse learners, diversity, special learning needs, assistive technology

  • Smart take on Apple's iPad commercial

    A succinct synopsis of the functional, equitable potential of the iPad for all classroom teachers.     NB: The only irony, you have to be sighted to appreciate it. LOL.

    Tags: accessibility, special education, inclusion, ipad

  • What's a screen reader?

    Screen reader introduction A screen reader is a software package that can covert text into speech. It allows a person who cannot see to access both web content and documents. A screenreader can read the text from top to bottom, one line at a time. But it can also navigate the content...

    Tags: accessibility

  • Kevin Prince

    I work in Adpative Technology at the Royal NZ Foundation of the Blind. I've been in technology and in training for quite a while now with a background in telecoms and broadcasting.

    Tags: accessibility, innovation. Skills: accessibility, adaptive technology, alternative formats

  • Apple iBooks Author - providing options for learners

    If you have not yet discovered the Apple iBooks Author app, it's worth a look. The video below gives a succinct overview of it's potential. For me, one of the most exciting things the iBooks Author app offers is the ease with which we can create resources which model Universal Design...

    Tags: udl, inclusion, ipad, apple, accessibility

  • Maths - Alpha, Beta, Gamma

    Tags: moodle, mathematics, blended learning, homework, accessibility, byod

  • UDL Live Binder


    Tags: UDL, Curriculum, design, learning, accessibility,

  • UDL Edmonton Schools


    Tags: UDL, Curriculum, design, learning, accessibility,

  • Ormie 11

    Tags: UDL, Curriculum, design, learning, accessibility,