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  • Mike Wilson

    Tags: computers, technology, aviation

  • Jo Fothergill

    I'm passionate about eLearning and very thankful that I have a boss who allows me explore and experiment in the classroom. I enjoy the learning opportunities when meeting, talking, tweeting & skyping with my PLN.   My research as part of my CORE eFellowship can be found here:  Li...

    Tags: technology, reading, sci-fi, fantasy

  • Learning at School 2011

    Reflections on and wonderings after  L@S 2011:  The professional development community is alive and well and the sense of collaboration is very strong !!!  The culture of sharing is very evident.  The ideas/insights presented are nothing new and we are 11 years into the 21...

    Tags: key competencies, technology, learning at school

  • Brenda Weal

    I work for Evaluation Associates in Auckland.  My background is in primary teaching and specialist teaching in technology.  My masters thesis  (2004) is on educational partnerships between schools and outside providers of technology.  I have been a facilitator for two years at EA  and five years ...

    Skills: assessment, nzc, technology

  • Map of Digital Learning

    We often use buzz-words as if they provided a full approach to teaching. They don't. Technology is not a miracle remedy. It's just one element in the equation. Other sizes on flickr

    Tags: m-learning, digital resources, technology

  • Enabling e-Learning

    Haere mai! Talofa lava! Welcome! >>>>Join our Enabling e-Learning community groups here in the VLN Groups.    This community is managed by Te Toi Tupu, on behalf of the Ministry of Education. Karen Melhuish is the Enabling e-Learning Community Co-ordinator.

    Tags: leadership, professional learning, professional development, digital citizenship, cybersafety, technology, ufbis, snup, teaching, learning, curriculum

  • Cornel Fuhri

    I'm originally from South Africa and have been teaching at Chilton for 6 years.

    Tags: travel, technology

  • Technology Learning Area - ICT PD Overview, ICT PD eLearning Snapshot and PLG eLearning Action Plans

    The Technology Learning Area is led by Learning Area Director Megan Dunsmore and eMentor Jo Bidwell. The files below provide an overview of the Technology Learning Area ICT PD, an elearning Snapshot and Technology PLG eLearning Action Planners.  

    Tags: technology, ICTPD, elearning, EGGS,

  • e-Learning: Technologies

    e-Learning: Technologies

    Haere mai, talofa lava and welcome to the Enabling e-Learning: Technologies public group. Together we explore different technologies and how they can be used to improve students’ learning.  A story from our Technologies page on TKI, from Te Kura o Kutarere:  Twitter tags for this group: #eTe...

    Tags: elearning, ufbis, snup, technology, infrastructure, tools, ministry of education

  • New Zealand Moodle Moot

    A two day conference for educators using Moodle.

    Tags: auckland, unconference, technology, moodle