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  • Thomas Heatherwick: Building the Seed Cathedral

    This is a big video about making big changes in big spaces. It illustrates the value of full immersion in sensory play and exploration and not just for the under 5s.  Of particular interest is the language and analogies Heatherwick uses to express his concepts.

    Tags: science, play, inquiry learning

  • Play and curiosity as foundations for learning

    In an article, Children educate themselves IV: Lessons from Sudbury Valley, (that echoes quite a few of the thoughts of Dr Sugatra Mitra in his Hole in the wall work) - Peter Gray who specialises in developmental and evolutionary psychology writes convincingly in support of students teaching them...

    Tags: play, curiosity, mitra, hole in the wall, self managed learning, sudbury valley school, peter gray

  • Do anyone know about this dress style?

    Let's play a game about the style name of this dress?  Any Girls?   (Google help can be taken!)

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  • Play based learning.

    Play based learning.

    I would like to hear ideas about Play based learning, or Discovery learning. What are schools doing?  Has anyone got any good reading about this?

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