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  • Wendy Stafford

    A Facilitator of Learning, Teacher Coach, eLearning Specialist and Future Focused Learning Leader. I work with learning organisations, teachers/tutors, students, and their families to co-construct learning environments that enhance learner engagement and achievement through Learner Agency (sel...

    Skills: Educational Leadership, Teacher, Teacher Coach, Facilitator of Learning, Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, Apple Certified (Distinguished Apple Educator), Google Educator Level 1 & 2

  • Growing Leaders


    Tags: Communication, Fullan, Leader, Middle Managers, SLT, Teacher

  • Student Motivation


    Tags: Student, Teacher, Motivation

  • Claire Guy

    Skills: Teacher

  • What Makes for Effective Teacher Professional Development in ICT?

    Publication Details Since 1999, the Ministry of Education has provided funding for clusters of schools to develop three year ICT professional development programmes for their teachers. 23 clusters were initially approved in 1999. This evaluation of the initial clusters between 1999 and 2001 focu...

    Tags: teacher, professional, development, ict

  • What does it take to be a 21st Century teacher?

    Last week, in response to the leadership wero or 30 day challenge, Warren Hall posted a commentary about the desirablity of looking at new teaching applicants that display dispositions of how to use technologies effectively for teaching and learning. Or, in other words, someone who has the abilit...

    Tags: 21st century, educator, teacher, effective teaching, e-learning

  • Ten Trend: Changing role of the teacher

    How flipped learning has changed the role of the teacher   Ten Trend: Changing role of the teacher: As we move into a more learner centred and learner driven paradigm in education, we look at the changing roles and responsibilities of teachers. http://core-ed.org/ten-trends-2019...

    Tags: changing, role, teacher, flipped, learning

  • Michelle Robison

    I am a life long learner and love learning new things. I have had a varied career, starting in teaching primary schools in outdoor education in Australia, then classroom teaching where I discovered the power of technology in Education. I moved into a position as a Teacher/Librarian and ICT coordi...

    Skills: organiser, innovator, teacher

  • New Group: Teacher-led Innovation Fund

      Teacher-led Innovation Fund NEW: Visit this new VLN group, which  has been set up to discuss the Teacher-led Innovation Fund (TLIF).  

    Tags: teacher, innovation, group