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  • Increasing student-centred teaching and Learning in 7/8 through Windows Live Movie Maker

    I have just completed writing a set of students' friendly documentation of Windows Live Movie Maker in preparation for an ICT project for term 3. Looking forward to a bunch of excited students who will film and edit a project, which will then be showcased to the staff at Baradene.&...

  • Miruwai Beach - ICT at the coast

    Last Tuesday I accompanied a group of year 13 Baradene geographers to the coast - the learning intention was to collect first hand data about erosion, sand dunes etc. in preparation for essay writing. And what better way is there to collect this data through filming and photos. So I am ...

  • Using Windows Live Movie Maker

    I've been working with a school recently on using WMM. There were three questions they hoped I;d be able to address: Converting music to use with WMM Where to get intros and outros Creating a voiceover Adding audio into your clip Taking a blended approach I worked with staff covering the...