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US30995 - a critiqued, used, but not yet moderated assessment task

This is the first of four intended US30995 assessment opportunities for my students.

Each term, I will create a US30995 assessment task with the context of the topic we have studied.  The thinking behind this is that the students will have built up contextual knowledge of the topic-specific vocabulary and cohesive language features the standard aims to assess.  By making this a reading assessment attached to a Sequence of Learning (SOL) (unit/topic), I can use a wider range of meaningful vocabulary in the actual assessment task - still being guided by the first 1500 words.

This uploaded assessment task was given to the students after we finished a SOL called "My Communities and Me".  The SOL's learning objectives included building knowledge of:

  • information-style texts
  • the use of timeless (present simple tense) to express facts, habits, and routines
  • the use of conjunctions to join clauses, with particular focus on adding, contrasting, and causal conjunctions
  • adverbials to express where, when, and how
  • pronouns (particularly subject pronouns).

The next text is intended to be a factual recount / historical information text.  The next SOL is "Communities and Crises".