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A Taste of Marketing

Waikato University’s management school is hosting a marketing trade show to help inspire students and members of the public to bring their creative ideas to life. The trade show will showcase what is involved studying marketing at Waikato University first-hand. First- and second-year students will be competing for prizes by developing an innovative pet product or service and then pitching their idea and marketing strategy to the trade show judges. The trade show is a practical assignment and a highlight of Waikato’s introductory marketing paper MKTG151. This free event is on October 7 from 5pm-7pm in Waikato Management School’s Level one foyer. 

Contact: Quentin Somerville, 07 837 9292, or quentin@waikato.ac.nz, or Joanna Green, 07 837 9437, orjoannag@waikato.ac.nz