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This App would really help our young people


Create Peace of Mind with Visual Schedules

People with Autism, ADHD or PDD-NOS experience stress when their world is not predictable enough. A Visual Schedule using clear pictograms can alleviate this, which has a positive impact on the entire family. Support the daily routine by creating Visual Schedules quickly and easily!


Provide structure and predictability!


Encourage Self-Reliance!



What is AutiPlan?

AutiPlan is a practical aid to reduce stress and anxiety for a person with a Autism Spectrum Disorder by providing structure and predictability.

It does this by providing a day schedule of activities and tasks with clear pictures, through an app with alarm and speech or on paper.

For people with Autism, Asperger, ADHD

Visual scheduling with AutiPlan is for everybody who can use some help with their daily routine. They help provide predictability and structure and reduce stress when changes occur.

AutiPlan is also a useful tool for people with dementia, brain damage or a intellectual disability.

It works by providing a clear visual schedule of all activities and tasks during a day. The schedule uses a combination of text, pictures, photos, speech and alarms.

Visual schedules help!

We know from our own experience what an enormous difference a visual schedule can make by reducing stress for a family member with Autism, PDD-NOS or Asperger.

Unfortunately, providing a accurate schedule every day is a lot of repetitive work. And that while providing a daily schedule is so important! This is why we developed AutiPlan.

Time consuming?

Creating an accurate visual schedule using pictures and drawings takes a lot of time. AutiPlan makes this easier by using an schedule editor, schedule templates and automatic repetitions.

You can easily search from 11.000 ready made pictograms, one for almost every activity.

In this way providing a daily schedule will only cost you a few minutes a day!

We provide apps for people with Autism!

Of course you can print the visual schedules and show them on a central place in the house. You can also use your existing (iPad) tablet or Android app to provide the schedule directly!

In this way the most up-to-date schedule is always available and it saves you a lot of printing! Additionally our mobile app provides notifications, speech and helps keep track of completed activities.

You can simply install the AutiPlan app from the Google Play store on your Android phone or table.

For parents

Parents raising children with Autism or related disorders (like PDD-NOS or Asperger) benefit from clear visual schedules. Creating visual schedules with AutiPlan only takes a few minutes each day and removes a lot of repetition.

We have a free basic version and a more complete paid full version available for families and private use.


For organisations and schools

We have a special version of AutiPlan adapted for organizations.

Provide your clients with structure, predictability and support using clear visual schedules. Use the schedules in combination with the Android App to provide help with day-to-day activities and promote independence using alarms and speech.

Save your organization a lot of time by using the efficient scheduling capabilities of AutiPlan.

Look at visualroutines.com for information on how to use visual schedules and routines for other non-autism related challenges!


Watch our a video about the challenges of Autism and how AutiPlan can help!


Picture schedules with timer, alarm and speech directtly on a phone or tablet!

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