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Like the Sight word discover bottle? - Here is how to make it:

Sight Word Discovery Bottles



I am always thinking of ways to make learning sight words fun for my Oldest Diva. Repeated exposure to the words is essential but it can also get boring and tedious being so repetitive. So, to change things up a bit I decided to make her some Sight Word Discovery Bottles & turn practicing our sight words into an I Spy Adventure!
Discovery Bottles are great for so many things so I was excited to finally use them at home.
What You Need:
clean & dried bottles 
(Gatorade, Powerade, etc work well because they are larger!)
uncooked rice
food coloring (optional)
rubbing alcohol (used only if coloring rice)
ziploc bag
Prep: How To Color Rice:
1. In a ziploc bag add 1.5tsp of rubbing alcohol and food coloring 
(I used a generous amount for more vibrant colors)
2. Add in 2 cups of uncooked rice 
3. Mix well until rice is saturated with color
4. Spread on napkin and allow to air dry
* My rice came out so pretty - I was very pleased with the vibrant colors!


To Make Sight Word Discovery Bottles:
1. Type out target sight words and laminate.
I used a large font and printed the words on both sides of the paper 
so they can be easily read while in the bottle.
2. Fill bottle 1/4 way with rice and add half of the sight words
2. Add 1/4 more rice on top of sight words
3. Put in the other half of the words
4. Top with 1/4 more rice.
Note: Leave approx. 1/4 of the bottle unfilled to 
allow ample room to manipulate the rice
To start us off I made 2 sets of printables for each bottle.
One has ALL the sight words printed on it that are contained in the bottle.
The other has 2 lists each containing half of the words in the bottle.




How to Play:
There are a few ways to play with these bottles:
1. You can let the child shake the bottle, find a word, read it and then mark it off from their list.
2. The  child can read the words from the list and search for that word in the bottle, in order as listed on the sheet - this would be more challenging and a bit more time consuming.


I also plan to put the papers in sheet protectors and let the Lil Divas use do-a-dot markers or dry erase markers to mark the words they find. This way the papers are re-useable.
I plan to make more bottles but these are a great start and I can't wait to let the Lil Divas use them!
Do you use Discovery Bottles? If so, what do you use yours for?