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Class Dojo App

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Available for free in App Store (Apple) and Play Store (Android), this is a useful app for bringing teachers, students and parents closer together.  ClassDojo can be used by teachers as a communication platform to encourage students, and get parents engaged too.  It is a strengths-based tool for supporting positive classroom management and for strengthening home-school partnership.

Also attached are two research articles regarding the use of ClassDojo in schools.  The research evidence base for this intervention is growing.  Be part of it!


  • Claire

    Hi Sam. 

    I have previously  read about Class Dojo  and downloaded the app. I know of at least one class where this classroom behaviour management app is being used successfully. The teacher and the students like it. One hiccup was when a boy was given a pink character which upset him and caused him to explode. I am not sure if the home school link is being used but I will find out.  Thanks for sharing this resource.                                 Kind regards, Claire




  • Sam Weepers

    Kia ora Claire

    That's great to hear that it is being used successfully in a classroom.  I can see why the boy would have been upset!  He probably needs to be more like Liz and embrace pink!  It would be great to hear feedback from parents about this tool.  I had one parent of an Intermediate aged boy last year (on my caseload) who really appreciated the regular feedback and noticed that it influenced her son, in terms of him feeling accountable for his efforts at school and wanting to do his best.  I look forward to hearing more feedback from teachers and parents.  Thank you for your feedback.

    Ngā mihi nui