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Dedications Tree

Leaves that are intended to be cut out and laminated.  They are used in simple but powerful activity that can be implemented with an individual or group of students, but is best with the whole class.  This activity is based on Positive Psychology research finding that a person's sense of "meaning is increased through our connections to others, future generations, or causes that transcend the self" (Durkheim, 1951/1897; Erikson, 1963, cited in Seligman et al. 2009, p.296).  Increasing a student's sense of meaning in what they do, has also been found to increase their sense of belonging and engagement at school (Willms J, 2000).

Reference and link to related article...

Seligman, M. E., Ernst, R. M., Gillham, J., Reivich, K., & Linkins, M. (2009). Positive education: Positive psychology and classroom interventions. Oxford review of education35(3), 293-311.




  • Claire

    It would be interesting to use these dedication leaves with a class and to observe the impact of this excerise. Thanks for sharing this Sam. 

  • Sam Weepers

    Kia ora Claire

    From my personal experience with using this approach, the impact on individuals and the class included:

    • a calm and mindful start and end to the school week
    • building rapport between peers and between teacher and peers
    • motivating children to achieve at school for someone other than themselves

    Ngā mihi nui