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Brain Research-Based Teaching Approaches

An 'easy to read' and short article written by Judy Willis MD (Neurologist/Teacher/Grad School Ed faculty/Author).  The article outlines brain-research based teaching strategies and learning activities that are focused on engaging students by 'tapping into' students' natural curiosity and passion for learning.  The article includes a helpful survey for teachers to help them self-assess their classroom practice in relation to best educational practice from brain-research.


  • Claire

    Kia ora Sam

    Another interesting article for you Sam, reinforcing the importance  of providing children with the environment and the opportunities to engage in learning, where they are curious, Imaginative and motivated to find out about the things. It was good to read about the neuroimaging and the physiological impact that occurs when children are relaxed and are engaged in co-operative learning. 





  • Sam Weepers

    Kia ora Claire

    Thank you for your feedback!  Like you, I appreciate how these approaches recognise natural strengths of children, such as: curiosity and imagination, in order to support learning.  I particularly liked the Teacher's self-assessment survey.  Would be great to give to teachers we support as 'one lens' through which to reflect on their practice.

    Ngā mihi nui