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Visual Literacy Reading Comprehension Strategies

An article that addresses the role of visualising and visual literacy in reading comprehension.  Is full of 'easy to read' practical ideas that teachers can implement in the classroom to support students use of their visual strengths to support their reading comprehension.  There is also a generous serving of theory and useful links to online resources.


  • Claire

    Kia ora Sam

    This is very good article with lots of useful ideas and practical strategies to teach students how to visualise text and to gain a deeper understanding of what they are reading. Students need to be explicitedly taught on how to visualise using the senses and then practise this. Decoding and understanding text at the same time is a skill that needs to be taught and practised in many different ways. 


    "A book is a decive to ignite the imagination." Alan Bennett

  • Sam Weepers

    Kia ora Claire

    I agree completely with your feedback.  I love the quote!  I hope some of these ideas and strategies can be useful for you when supporting teachers who have students with literacy learning needs.  Thank you for your feedback.

    Ngā mihi nui