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Sentence Building App

An app that supports students with literacy learning difficulties to build sentences in English.  Much more affordable than Clicker Sentences and much more accessible for children.  I am more familiar with the iPad app but found there is a similar app by the same developers for Android devices.  Links are below and watch the attached video to see the iPad app version in use.

image     image

          iPad App Store                  Android App Store


  • MikeA

    Kia ora Sam,

    Thanks for sharing this one, and thanks for your time showing me in person. Always good to have a few extra Apps to suit the variety of our cases. This one could be very useful for a current case.

  • Sam Weepers

    Kia ora Mike

    No worries.  I hope that you get the chance to use this app to support a current case and would love to hear how it goes!  All the best!

    Ngā mihi nui


  • Jane Chartres

    Kia ora Sam

    This looks like a great app for minimal cost. I can see it would be really appealing to a lot of young learners. I like the literacy skills it would consolidate. Does it take much to set up the vocab for individual students?

    Thanks for sharing this I'm keen to invest in this app to have more time to play around with it. I have got 3  Y1-2 students it would really be beneficial for.


  • Sam Weepers

    Kia ora Jane

    I hope this app can be of some use for the children you're thinking of.  Not difficult or overly time consuming to make your own sentences and is a good activity for the student to do with a Teacher's Aide, Teacher or parent.  Again, seems simpler to do than Clicker Sentences.  Just need to insert a photo, write text and record your voice or student's voice saying the sentence.  Like most things, this process will become easier and quicker the more it is done.  Enjoy!

    Ngā mihi nui


  • Claire


    Hi Sam

    Always good to know that there is an app available  to help children compose and write sentences. After Barbara Brann's workshop today maybe we should be looking first to see if the student is ready for this and if s/he has the basic skills in place. 








  • Sam Weepers

    Kia ora Claire

    I must say that I was thinking the exact same thing!!!  Another way of looking at this is that this app could be identified by a teacher as an appropriate tool to support development of literacy skills in Barbara Brann's Building Blocks Framework.  Either way, more food for thought around use of Assistive Technology in literacy teaching and learning.

    Ngā mihi nui


  • Gayathri Pillai

    Hi Sam,

    Thanks for sharing this. Very useful indeed. I have to try it out with my HLN now. smiley

  • Sam Weepers

    Kia ora Gayathri

    No worries.  I hope this app is helpful for your HLN student.  I'd love to hear any success stories! smiley

    Ngā mihi nui