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Circle Time Planning Template

A planning template that follows the Circle Time meeting process and can be used to plan Circle Time meetings.  This planning template was developed by Terese Hoyle (http://www.theresehoyle.com/) as part of her work to pioneer and implement Circle Time in New Zealand schools.


  • Claire

    This planning sheet is designed for people following the Quality Circle Time approach/method, developed by Jenny Mosley in the UK. In NZ i think many teachers have adapted this method and their circle times are shorter as they don't have all the components of QCT. Most circle times I have done or observed in classes have consisted of an opening round, crossing the circle game/s, maybe another round, the forum where a problem is discussed, a compliment circle and a closing activity. I like the idea of having a template that teachers can use to plan their CT sessions.

  • Sam Weepers

    Kia ora Claire

    Thank you for offering this insight.  I imagine that teachers who run modified versions of QCT could also adapt this planning template to suit their approach.  I usually keep this structure but modify each session through changing the activities.  Whatever framework is used for the meeting, I've found it best to keep it predictable and safe for the children, so they are comfortable with speaking and participating.  A good point you make to ensure the Circle Time meeting is not too long, as concentration is easily lost.  Generally, I found 30-40 mins for older students was sufficient and 20-30 mins for younger students.

    Ngā mihi nui