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Example of Term 3 Literacy Plan

Links: 1. Literacy Across the Curriculum T3 plan, 2. Writing plan T3, 3. Virtual Writers Toolbox 


  • Paulette Newton

    These are very helpful. We have been collaboratibely planning in our team however have been in the transitioning phase from the old 'unit' plans to a more collaborative online model.  I love the detail in your term writing plan and I think the links are a great way to share resources. Thanks for sharing! 


  • Louise Tredinnick

    It's a pleasure to share my planning Paulette.  I would love to share my new idea - a Science Virtual Toolbox and other stuff like my maths mega plans so let me know if there's any other planning you want.  Cheers Louise

  • Annemarie James

    Thanks for these resources Louise. I am a Senco working on Literacy with many of my students, kids who have already "failed" in their learning so far. Its great to have so many great ideas in one resource (Toolkit).


  • Louise Tredinnick

    You're welcome Annemarie 

    I got the idea of Virtual toolboxes as a thought when everyone was making Literacy Boxes.  I thought a Virtual Literacy Toolbox would be quick access high interest staunch resources to set the students up for success.  A few year ago I went to St Cuthbert's on an Apple Bus tour when digital devices were in their early days and they had said that one of the reasons why the students were failing was procastination so I figured that I would set up tooboxes and have focused sites, exemplars etc rather than students forever looking on internet for 'stuff'.  I've just finished a Science one, which the students love.  Now I'm working on a Maths one and also getting my Tech Angels to construct this with me.  I continue to work on digital planning and resources that can be reused and shared so that this is a sustainable resource.  Sustainability is quite an issue I think.  Let me know if you want any planning :) 

  • trish vesey

    Hi Louise,

    Could I see your math planning please? I actually teach Years 5-6, but it let's me see how someone else has planned (a model) - and as someone mentioned in your original post 'thank you' because I/we know the effort/time that goes into planning. Do you have a blog?

    Much appreciated

    Trish Vesey

  • Louise Tredinnick

    Hi Trish 

    Sure, I write - what I call mega plans first and then plan the weekly plan from this.  I have also written down all the WALTs so that the learners can highlight their progress, next steps etc and gauge for themselves how they are going.  Doing a big term plan first in the holidays makes doing the weekly plans much easier.  I put these plans on my class site so that the learners can access them at school or home and this also means that I dont' need to photocopy anything.  Hope you find this a little helpful Trish.  Let me know if the links don't work like this:)

    Term Mega Plan:  http://bit.ly/multdivplan   

    Mult/Div Learning Intentions:  http://bit.ly/multdivplan  

    Weekly Plan e.g. http://bit.ly/multdivwk3T2