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Add/ sub and place value post test

I used this post test at the end of the term covering the add/sub strategies as well as some place value Qs. I had some temperature questions too as we had covered this during the term so you might want to remove those.


  • Phoebe Fabricius

    Have you thought about how you could do this in another way, with assessment information you already have, be it formative or diagnostic?

    Could you get the same information out of a PAT or AsTTLe?

  • Suzie Vesper

    I find that AsTTle does not give me enough of a breakdown in relation to number. I was testing specific strategies from the unit so wanted to see evidence of these in action outside of what I saw when working with individual groups.  I guess this kind of thing is pretty personal to each class and teacher but I still would find it helpful to see a range of what other people are using. I'm not suggesting that this is THE way to assess as it is just part of what I do and I realise it won't work for everyone.