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Angus Macfarlane's presentation

This is a PDF version of Angus Macfarlane's presentation to our cluster in January 2014.


  • Kathe Tawhiwhirangi

    Kia ora Isaac - it has been too long! GREAT to have you back in here :-) Thank you for sharing this presentation. Schools - both EM and MM - have enquired around how they can 'lengthen their stride' in regard to being Culturally responsive to their students well being and learning. We have found that the MOE Tataiako Cultural competencies + Kahikitia (Accelerating Success) docs have been great pieces of material in guiding them to framing up their own personalised - school derived - self review framework. Each school has co-constructed their own and many voices have been involved....BOT, whānau, ex students, teachers :-) It was great to visit a school 2 years on. They have decided to 'drop off' their 1st 2 phases in their framework, and add two more columns of descriptors at the more 'Empowering' stage :-) Thanks again for sharing this work :-) Have a great year, and stay in touch :-)