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Teaching as Inquiry & iPad workshop

This is the powerpoint used on the 1st July to outline ideas behind Teaching as Inquiry and using iPads


  • Geraldine Sumner

    I have started my inquiry around how can the use of ipads support children's literacy skills in a new entrant setting. I have downloaded a range of apps and worked through them. I have chosen a Maori and Pasifica child to monitor on their key word recongition through flash card games such as eggy words. 

    My inquiry is how can i lift the baseline achievement of the ESOL, Moari and Pasifica students for reading by using digital media to support their daily reading and word work. 

    These children had a vocabulary age of between 2.8 and 3.11 

    With a word recognition of stanine 1 or 2. 

    I will retest at the end of the year. 

  • Diane Mills

    Hi Geraldine,  I enjoyed reading about the start you have made with your inquiry and I am looking forward to seeing it in action on my next visit.  I noticed that there are a couple of other sites that could help with some background information.  The first is on the Software for Learning site and is an inquiry a teacher has already completed on Enhancing teaching and learning in a Yr 2 classroom.  There is also a group on the VLN - iPads in the Junior Classroom - you may have already joined?  There may be ideas in the two areas that are of help to you.  I notice that you have already gathered assessment data to support your inquiry - is there something else you could do/gather, which might show current levels of engagement and well-being for those students I wonder?