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The Best 100

The New Zealand Teachers Council and The MacDiarmid Institute want Primary school teachers to tell us about their best science experiments.

 PRIMARY SCHOOL TEACHERS:  Help us help your colleagues by giving us your all- time best science experiment/investigation/observation.  The one that is easy, always works, uses simple, readily available equipment, and is a hit with the kids.

All you have to do is briefly describe what you do and how you present it and explain it to the students, and send it in to thebest100@vuw.ac.nz  by Friday 5 July.  300 words max.  Importantly, state the relevant Year level and part of the curriculum.

If you want to supplement the written explanation with video and photos, you can submit these to us via Dropbox. Create a Dropbox folder labeled with your name and school and share the folder with us via the email address above.

The MacDiarmid Institute will put the experiments up on its website, www.macdiarmidinstitute.ac.nz including the name and school of the teacher who submitted it.  This ready resource for primary school teachers, who may be less confident at teaching science, will be promoted through teacher networks and general media.

We realise your time is precious, so everyone who submits, and has accepted, an experiment for thebest100 will go into the draw for one of 5 i-Pads for use by your school, plus one for your own personal use.  If we receive multiple entries of the same experiment, we will draw one to go into the prize draw.