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Our Students' Journey

Background and Journey

When we first entered the Cluster in 2010, a suggestion was made to host a student led confernece.  With the seed planted, we set the date for July, 2011.

The journey to this has been a learning process for everyone.

Each school had to ensure they had their infrastructure in place, teachers were on board with the ideas and students could be trained to lead workshops.

The first year of our cluster, saw many changes in schools, upgrading ICT infrastructure, Hardware and software.  All cluster schools took on the challenge to use e-tap as an SMS, ensured all teachers had access to laptops, using e-mail and sharing online resources.

With the date set at the end of the first year, 2011 began with everyone aware of the requirements for their staff and students for the conference.  Each school chose a programme that best suited their teacher and student abilities and capabilities.  There was a huge range of ideas, from upskilling students in the use of Micrsoft 2010, Word, Publisher and Power Point, to using online programmes such as Prezi.com, Button Beats, and free programmes such as Movie Maker, paint.Net, Google Apps.               Organisation for the day

The 4 presenters from each school practiced and became familiar with their chosen programme so they could problem solve and share with others.              Programme for the Day

The attendees had to complete an online Google Form to choose 3 workshops out of 12 for the day.  Most were given at least 2 of their choices.

Attendees workshops

Presenters and attendees from each school fedback at the end of the day.  An online evaluation form for presenters and attendees has also been completed to ensure that our next conference is bigger and better.

Attendees Feedback            Presenters Feedback

We were very fortunate to have some wonderful sponsors, which enabled us to give the presenters a goodie bag on the day.  Morning tea and lunch was provided for all presenters, attendees and staff.

What learning took place?

Students supported each other, they co-operated together to ensure that everyone at their workshop understood the instructions, could acccess their programme, completed at least one activity, and could take their knowledge back to their school.

Feedback from Principals and Teachers

Where to now?

The Facilitator will meet with presenters and attendees from each school to follow up on skills learnt.  It would be ideal to set up a working group where the presenters and attendees can teach others in their school the skills they have learnt.

2012 - another student conference - maybe over 2 days!

Suggestions have been made to host the conference earlier in Term 3.  This will enable students to take back their new learing to their won school and share with others.  This could be shared with teachers and community.

Teachers would like to see more students involved - this may be possible if held over 2 days - train up twice as many students.

As the cluster is so large, a small group of schools within the cluster could host mini community type workshops for their whanau.