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Mathematicians on Google Earth

I've created a few bookmarks in Google Earth which I use to show students where certain famous mathematicians were born, lived and died. I've found it useful for students to make connections and see that the mathematicians who invented the stuff they're learning were real people that really lived! 

The Euler file also contains an image overlay showing the seven bridges of Königsberg.

Just download the file and run it to view in Google Earth (you must have Google Earth installed first). If you want to keep the bookmarks, be sure to save to My Places before you quit Google Earth.

Feel free to make your own and add to this collection - the format I've used is:

  • a folder for the mathematician's full name
  • a Placemark for the birthplace
  • optional: a Placemark for a point of interest (eg Pythagoras set up his sect elsewhere, Euler solved the Bridges of Königsberg problem)
  • a Placemark for the place of death
  • In each Placemark, I've put an image (from Wikipedia) using the Insert Image tool in the Placemark Properties, and a link to the mathematician's Wikipedia page using the Insert URL tool in the Placemark Properties. See short video for example (28sec)