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Some apps for Science

  • 3D Brain - With a 3D interactive brain to rotate and highlight, each segment has a color code and definition, making it easy to walk your students through each section of the brain with ease. 
  • 3D Sun - This app features up to the minute conditions of the sun as recorded by satellites. It also has a 3D interactive sun, videos, and an absolutely stunning gallery full of images from sunspots to an emerald sun. 
  • Curiosity Machine - Ever struggle with ideas for experiments? Curiosity Machine contains a list of experiments for almost any grade level, complete with directions, pictures and ways to grade the project. Choose from fresh new ideas on many subjects for a more handson learning experience! 
  • HudsonAlpha iCell- This app is absolutely beautiful and easy to use. With animal, plant and bacteria cells to choose from, use a detailed 360 degree rotation option to explore. Easy zoom features, teamed with three levels of definition (from easy to difficult for upper level classes), makes this an awesome tool for helping students really visualize the concepts.
  • PhysicalSci - This interactive glossary contains a range of subjects in each major  category, including definitions, videos, flashcards with clickable definitions, and extra related content for your browsing pleasure.
  • WolframAlpha - This website is fantastic, with extensive knowledge and computation ability for whatever subject you may be on. The actual WolframAlpha App costs US$2.99, and the free version Viewer is mostly a teaser to get you to buy the full version, however you can easily use the full version of W/A through your internet browser for free. For more information on this AMAZING website, check out this blog WolframAlpha.


  • Catriona Pene

    Hi Leign,

    Thanks for starting this list.

    Today I have seen an awesome app for science in use in a school.

    Magniscope turns your iPad/iPod/iPhone into a magnifying glass.

    Great to use for examing small insects and objects in detail.

  • Mary Loveless

    Brilliant Catriona

     I have just installed it; no more trying to locate the one magifying glass that has been put in a 'safe' place!

  • Shelley Hersey

    If you're working on earthquakes as part of an Earth Science unit you might be interested in the free GeoNet App which notifies you of recent earthquakes..the number of daily quakes is astonishing and illustrates for students just how geologically active New Zealand is.

    If you don't fancy the real thing then use this Frog Dissection app to virtually explore dissection.

    If you can't find the right chemicals or science equipment use the Chemist virtual chemistry lab app.