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Using picture books to open the door to investigating in science

Investigating in science is one aspect of the Nature of Science that focuses on students:

Carrying out science investigations using a variety of approaches: classifying and identifying, pattern seeking, exploring, investigating models, fair testing, making things, or developing systems. Achievement Aim, Nature of Science NZC


Picture books are one way of engaging students with science, and introducing the key aspects of investigating in science (see The National Science Exemplars progress indicators.


  • Paula Jamieson

    Hi Mary,

    Thanks so much for sharing this lesson and your experience with us at the recent BOP group meeting. Just for others information, I had real trouble accessing "The Man who walked between the Towers" picture book and ended up purchasing it through the online NZ bookstore "Fishpond".

    It is on special for $11.87 (Paperback with free delivery).


    I'm looking forward to it arriving on the doorstep (apparently within 24hours from the UK which is fabulous).

    Thanks again,


  • Louise Tredinnick

    Hi Mary

    Thanks so much for enlightening me to the idea of using picture books to so clearly introduce science concepts.  I'm off to the library this morning armed with your list.  I can't believe I've let the term prior to Science fair slip through my fingers and didn't make the most of this great resource. I have read the series by Jennifer Morgan, Born With a Bang etc to my class as it is amongst my favorite books but this is much heavier reading and needs time for great discussions afterwards.