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Online Teacher Appraisal

What was important for us?

Two major things really, the user experience within/outside the school and a culture shift to using technology - for this we focused on a online appraisal system. The user experience first,  once this was achieved in term one , the take-up of technologies has been outstanding - It is hard now to visit a class were some sort of use is not happening - resourcing the increasing demand is now our issue - not the way it was before. The school BOT has also this year up-taken the development and implementation of DT into the school as one of its strategic goals;  it’s really on a roll here now after a very sluggish start. Request for PD and 1on1 help are on a serious increase. The online appraisal system has been a catalyst of culture change, with the result everyone had to comply - therefore total team engagement and use of various technologies to achieve the required outcome.

Why was this important?

If the user experience wasn't clean and easy - the users both students and staff wouldn't even start to embrace the idea. Now with that solved, it’s almost a feeding frenzy of wants and users doing great things. This then has allowed a change of culture around appraisal and information sharing - the  need to get everyone on board with embracing  new and at time foreign technologies was the goal - as the system evolves with the incorporation of the school community to give feedback - the resulting outcomes are even now evident.

What did we do?

Firstly rebuilt the servers, the desktops and then replaced the infrastructure (SNUP’s happening now, so will be even better)  This made the system work - may sound simple, but if its not easy to use or reliable the team wont have a bar of it or it will be always in the too hard basket. This completed we had a robust and reliable network that would enable connectivity of the teachers to engage in both reflective practise and sharing of ideas and opinions. Training on the online system and then on connecting, file management, file types and sharing, email linking. Mostly simple items in isolation, but to the community of Roncalli it has been a major uptake due to years of extremely poor user experiences and lack of investment in technologies for teaching and learning.

What happened, as a result?

The user experience improving, the faults have dropped from in excess of 300~400 per term to  less than 50 per term, equipment has been updated and new access to connectivity and machines has been deployed - the result : a user experience that reflects the investment and allows teachers and students to  engage in teaching and learning seamlessly and without major effort or delays. This has changed the culture and expectations of the teams in allowing them to embrace new ideas and ways of doing things (appraisal) and connectivity and above all communication.

What are our next steps?

We at Roncalli are committed all the way to BOT level to continue with this journey of enabling our teachers , students and community to better learn and communicate by embracing digital technologies and by everyone continuing to be lifelong learners - the PD will continue and is even a part of the teacher appraisal process now. The school has strategic plans for infrastructure and continues to develop strategies to maintain the growth that has finally taken place. The inclusion of the appraisal process and its electronic nature has uplifted the skills of the team and will start to communicate with the students and wider community to obtain feedback and evidence of teaching practices and give the ability for ongoing reflective practice. The culture has shifted at Roncalli and is moving  in the right direction - although we started very slowly and with scepticism we have moved forward a long way and the momentum is moving in a extremely positive direction.

Who are we? The MRM ICT PD Cluster comprises Mountainview High School, Roncalli College and Mt Hutt College.

Where: South Canterbury

MRM Cluster

MRM Cluster

ICT PD Cluster of Mt Hutt College, Mountainview High School and Roncalli College